The Guy

leftBlankHey, I’m “the guy” of The Guy and the Gal.  I suppose most people include their educational background in this area.  Well, I have a couple of degrees from a couple of schools.  They have served their purpose well, but may or may not serve to add clout to anything I say around here.

I wouldn’t claim to be a world-class expert on any one thing.  But I know a little bit about a lot of different things.

I have a real job (this is not it).  I have many hobbies that tend to come and go in rotation.  Because of my vast interest in such a wide variety of topics, this blog will not have a clear focus… at least until I find my groove.

I don’t always have a strong opinion about everything.  I expect that the act of writing things down in blog form may help to solidify some of my beliefs.

One thing I’m certain of: I’m all about “the gal”.  She has a lot to offer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let us know if you find something useful around here.