The guy’s first blog post


So, this is a first.

I’m not quite sure yet what direction this blog will take.  It may fizzle before it even makes it to the big Wayback Machine in the cloud.

I have about a million ideas and about zero time to implement.  This is a start.

Why I think I might enjoy blogging:

  • There are producers and consumers of information.  Up until this point, I’ve mostly been a consumer.  I like the idea of being on the other side.
  • If I get some ideas out of my head, maybe it will clear some space for new ideas.
  • I understand some people are making money from this type of thing?  Not me, yet.  I’d love to make money while I sleep and this seems WAY easier than building a boat dock.
  • My favorite hobbies are those that I can do with my family.  This seems like a fun joint-thing to do with the gal if I can get her interested.
  • I LOVE bulleted lists.
  • I’m part web developer.  It seems like I should have some web space.

 Why I may not enjoy it:

  • I’m not that “open”.  I usually keep things to myself.  This is the opposite of that.  If I don’t realize some benefit, I’ll stop.
  • I stay busy enough.  I’m not looking for any new obligations.  As long as the balance of benefit vs. pain is tipped the right way, I’ll keep at it.
  • Grammar seems to be more important to others than it is for me.  This could be a problem.

So that’s where I stand.  So what’s up with you?  Why would you be reading this?

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