The gal’s first blog post

NewLeafAs the new year starts and I think about what my goals are this year,  I realize that those goals will probably somewhat define what I blog about for now.  As a mom of two boys, who only works part time, there a few things that I plan to focus on with my family this year.  For us most of the time, we prefer to spend our spare time and our vacation time outdoors in the woods rather than in crowded places.  I love to get out and hike with my husband and sons so you will probably see some posts about places that we have hiked or camped.  There is nothing quite like seeing wild ponies while you hike or swimming at the base of a waterfall after a hike on a hot summer day.

Another goal of mine for the year is to gather recipes from my extended family and print a cookbook.  I am blessed to even be able to include recipes from two grandmothers.  I hope one day when my boys are grown and have families of their own that they will enjoy having some recipes at their houses that have been handed down through the generations.   If nothing else it will give me joy to compile a bit of family history by recording recipes that I have loved both as a child and as an adult as well as gain recipes from my husband’s family.

Lastly,  I hope to work toward healthier choices as a family.  Nothing drastic but taking baby steps to make changes that will hopefully affect our lives for the better.  We have begun with things like substituting brown rice for white rice and trying to eat more whole grains in general.  A little at a time we can make changes that might affect our future health while keeping it a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

BabyStepsHope that you are successful in what you set your mind to this year.  Remember if you can’t reach your goal right away, just take baby steps until you get there.

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